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Nicholsons Business Laboratory

Let our Business Laboratory coaches help you build a thriving business that is resilient to the modern day challenges of business.

With only 59% of businesses surviving more than five years, for some the dream of being your own boss just doesn’t work out.


We already knew that there are a number of reasons why businesses fail. After talking to business owners about what kept them awake at night, what worried them the most about being in business we felt we had to help, do something that could have a positive impact.


Our research identified 10 areas of running a business that people felt unprepared for. Skills and knowledge they just didn’t feel they had. Using this research our business coaches developed a series of workshops each around one of the areas identified as being a concern. Over 12 months these workshops become a concentrated course to help business owners learn new skills and develop stronger more resilient businesses.


So if you are a business owner and would like some extra support from our business coaches check out our dedicated Nicholsons Business Laboratory microsite. Oh and did we mention it’s free for clients!

Meet the people who make it happen


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